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Aldi treats its suppliers fairly

The Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) is an independent body that oversees the relationship between supermarkets and their suppliers, which ensures that large supermarkets treat their direct suppliers lawfully and fairly.

The GCA conducts an annual survey and this year’s results (announced on Monday 22 June 2015) revealed that Aldi is the best performing grocery retailer in terms of its compliance with the code.

Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director – Corporate Buying, commented: “The positive feedback we received from the GCA supplier survey shows the value and importance that we place on our supplier relationships.

“These relationships are built on longevity and trust and have been an important factor in our continued growth. For each supplier we set out clear commercial agreements to provide them with certainty around terms of business. This approach gives our direct suppliers the security to plan ahead and work with us on product quality and innovation.

“The GCA feedback shows that the vast majority of our suppliers value their relationship with us. This is a positive endorsement of the investment we have made in our supplier network.”

The in-depth results are shown below:

Overall assessment of compliance with the code

Overall assessment of compliance with the code

Retailer vs buyer code compliance

Retailer vs buyer code compliance

If a supplier is concerned that there has been a breach of the code, they can complain to the GCA. Read more about the GCA here.